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It was my first convention ever and so I made some mistakes. Unfortunately for some reasons I missed some panels I originally had planned to visit (Jonathan Frakes, Virginia Hey, Kai Owen, Eddie Paskey, Joe Flanigan, Kavan Smith) ... however, the panels I visited were great.

William Shatner

Captain James T. Kirk from "Star Trek - The Original Series", T.J. Hooker from "T.J. Hooker", Danny Crane from "Boston Legal"

Unfortunately Mr. Shatner arrived late and had to leave the con earlier (for what reasons I don’t know exactly, I think he must have had other duties). Nevertheless, he was the Star of the con.

I spent 100 € for an autographed Captain Kirk picture and I also spent 50 € for a photo with him.

Unfortunately Mr. Shatner didn't personalize the autograph, but considering his age and the great number of people which wanted an autograph, it is perspicuous. There was a huge queue of people who wanted his autograph, he was literally a blockbuster. So naturally there wasn't much time for small talk, but he said "hello", "how are you?" and when I thanked him, he replied "thank you".

Mr. Shatner had two panels, one on Saturday, the other one on Sunday. The Saturday panel was a novum for FedCon: For the first time both big halls were needed. In the main hall sat the Gold Ticket and Weekend Ticket holders, they could see him live on stage. In the smaller one sat the Day Ticket holders, who could watch the event on a big screen. However, Mr. Shatner also appeared in the smaller hall for a couple of minutes, which in my opinion was a very nice gesture.

I visited both of his panels and really enjoyed them. He told us about some of his projects and answered questions about Star Trek and Boston Legal and his private life also. His answers sometimes were really ... detailed, but always interesting. He really showed interest, he thought about his answers, associated something with the matter and spoke of it.

I particularly agreed with his opinion about the Star Trek Movies: It' s too long to write down here everything, but summarised he meant, the old films would have cost relatively a little and would have been no Blockbuster, also the SFX would not have been particularly spectacular, but they would have told a story, with the characters with which one could share. The new film would have cost an amount more from what most would probably have flowed into the bombastic effects, but, besides, the history has remained on the distance - but he would have played in an amount more because the audience wants to see today probably such a thing.

Mr Shatner got standing ovations on both days.

Mr Shatner was 81 in 2012, but appeared much younger, he could have been a man in his sixties.

Richard Dean Anderson

Colonel Jack O'Neill from "Stargate SG-1" , Angus McGyver from "McGyver"

It was the second time RDA was at FedCon. The first time was 2011, which I bought a ticket for - but unfortunately became ill and couldn’t go ... So I was very pleased when he was announced for FedCon 21.

Together with William Shatner he was my absolute highlight of the con, and I got his autograph (120 Euro) and a photo (40 Euro) with him, too.

I also joined both his panels and really did enjoy them. He was in a very good mood and I learned, that he is a lot like Jack O'Neill. I also learned that his engagement for Sea Shepherd really comes from his heart (Captain Paul Watson was arrested at the airport and RDA made it a theme at many occasions). Nevertheless, he showed a lot of humour during his panels, for example when he was asked if he would know the German sci-fi show Orion and he always understood if he'd knew Oreo. He also handled the situation very well when some male "fan" asked the absolute superfluous (and inappropriate) question if his daughter (she was 14 then) is hot.

Fekicia Day

Codex from "The Guild" , Dr. Holly Marten from "EUReKA"

I hadn’t heard about her before she was announced for FedCon, but then did some research and that aroused my interest to know more about her. So I visited her first panel and was thrilled. She is a real geek herself, especially interested in video games. (That's why I couldn’t understand half the time, what they were talking about, cause I don't play video games.) Shortly after FedCon I saw her starring in EUReKa... so I hope she'll come again.

Walter Koenig

Pavel Chekov from "Star Trek - The Original Series" , Alfred Bester from "Babylon 5"

Another living legend from TOS. And the audience (me included) loved him. He got huge applause every time he entered the stage (a fact he once commented with the statement, we must know he would die soon - what was strongly negotiated by Garrett Wang).

I only managed to watch the panel he shared with Garrett Wang, but that one was really, really good. They talked about Star Trek, about the fact that both their family names mean "King" and about their first experiences at conventions.

Gates McFadden

Dr. Beverly Crusher from "Star Trek - The Next Generation"

Whenever Gates McFadden entered the stage, she did it dancing. However, the rest of her panels she was sitting. She had some funny anecdotes to share with us, like how she choose the role of Dr Crusher because she thought it would be a funny role (that’s what she thought after doing the auditioning scene). Or how the doctor who operated her on her appendix came into the room and the first thing he said was "Doctor Crusher" - and after the operation he showed her photos of her inner organs ... She also spoke about her actual work as a theatre manager and her passion for dancing.

Teryl Rothery

Dr. Janet Fraiswr from "Stargate - SG1"

Her panel was one of the first on Friday. At the beginning she mentioned, that she had just arrived at 2pm and that she was very tired. I don't know if that was the reason or if she’s just really such a funny person, but she behaved very hyper. It was very funny. She was flirting with the male fans and as a whole very exciting. She mentioned that in her opinion sci-fi fans are the most loyal. Someone asked her, what was her worst experience with a fan, but she had none and told us her best instead - it was when some 18-year old fan in Germany gave her his phone number ... and she felt like Mrs Robinson :D

Meeting friends

Me and some fellow members from the tvparadies-forum