my name is Ducky - well, most people call me Ducky ;)

I was born in 1968, which was quite an interesting year. Unfortunately, the town I had to spend the next years, was a boring, tiny Hicksville in a boring, little land called Germany. For many years now, I have the great desire to leave Germany (a country I just don't fit in) and to emigrate to the USA (the nation I love most). I hope, I can make this dream come true in the near future. I would love to live in New York or San Francisco.

I began collecting autographs in 2012. It all started with an autograph from Alyssa Milano, which I saw by chance and couldn't resist to buy (Alyssa is my "goddess". I am a huge fan of her). For a while, it was the only autograph I had, but in 2012 I went to FedCon for the first time ever and got autographs from William Shatner and Richard Dean Anderson - and became a collector. Since then I’ve been to several conventions and one of my highlights is always to meet "my" stars and get their autographs. I only collect autographs from shows, movies and stars I like. And as I am more or less good in creating pictures using GIMP, I design my own templates in most cases. However, if it is unlikely that a certain star will visit a convention nearby, I also buy an autograph at his or her internet shop or write a letter asking for an autograph.

Since December 10th, 2016 I am together with my big love Manu, the dearest and best woman in the world.




This is NOT a commercial site. My autographs are NOT for sale. This site is purely meant to be kind of a virtual album and I want to share my collection with other collectors and interested people.


I know my collection is not very big yet, but it is growing constantly.


So, go on, have a look around and mainly have fun. :D