Most time of my life I've been a fan of certain tv-shows, movies, comics an so on. However, most time of my life I've been what you can call a "passive fan". I watched my shows, read my comics, bought merchandise - but that was all. It all changed with Doctor Who. I joined my first fan-forum, I made contact with other fans, I began making fan art and dicovered a whole new world. And then, in 2012, William Shatner and Richard Dean Anderson were anounced for FedCon 21 and I knew, I had to visit this convention! I had no idea what would expecting me, but once I was there, I was feeling like I was home pretty soon.  And I knew I would go to much more conventions.

So here are my reports about the conventions I visited.

Note: These are just my personal impressions, written from my own, totally subjective point of view!