On Sunday, March 29, 2015, a friend and I went to the first Dutch Comic Con to Utrecht. The venue was the Jaarbeurs. We arrived at about 10 am, bought our tickets (the day pass was 20 Euros, which I think was quite cheap) and explored the location. Apart from some exhibitors - among others there were two Batmobiles (one from the tv show with Adam West and one from the movies), a replica of the DeLorean from the "Back to the Future" trilogy and an Exo1 (the car from the "Ghostbusters") - there was an area where the attending actors wrote their autographs, an area in which the photoshoots took place, a large merchant area and an area for the attending comic artists. At some distance from all this there was a stage for the Q&As.

Soon it was time for my photoshoot with Samantha Fox. She was really nice and very natural. She asked for my name and how I was doing and after the photo was taken she wished me a nice day. I really enjoyed this photoshoot, not only for Sam being so nice, but also because the photographer took his time to make a really good picture. It was not such a rush like it unfortunately is at some other conventions.

Next, I got the first autographs. First we went to James Tolkan, from whom I fetched two autographs: One to Back to the Future for me and one to Remington Steele for a friend. He really liked the collage my friend had made and studied it for a while before signing it.

After that we went to Micheal Cudlitz, I should fetch an autograph from him to Standoff for the mentioned friend. When he saw the picture hie smiled and said: "Oh, that's a while ago."

Afterwards I fteched the autograph of Samantha Fox on the picture from the Photoshoot.

Now we rummaged through the dealer area.

At 12.45 pm the Q&A with Giancarlo Esposito took place. I really enjoyed it und luckily someone filmed it:

(I also planned on joining the Q&As with Claudia Wells, James Tolkan and Samantha Fox, but somehow I missed them. Let's hope I will see tham at another convention sometime.)

Now the friend who was with me had her photoshoot with Julian Glover and after that we got our remaining autographs.

First we went to Claudia Wells.

She was really excited about my picture and asked me where I got it. When I told her I made it myself, she asked me if I could mail it to her. Of course I agreed and she was very happy about it. After I said goodbye she even called me back and asked the friend who was with me to take a photo of us. That all really made my day. I can't remember anyone being so enthusiastic about one of my pictures and as an "artist" I was very proud.

Now I fetched an autograph from Oxric Chau to Supernatural for the buddie of mine I mentioned before. I didn't recognize him first. In fact, it took a while until I realized that the guy in the Peter Pan costume was really him. Of Course, I asked him about his outfit, and he said this was a Comic Con after all. Logical ;)

Last but not least Giancarlo Esposito was on our autograph list. When we came to his table we had to wait a little, 'because he was chatting with Claudia Wells. When he came to us, he even apologized for the delay. About my template he said: "Great job!"

After that, we both had a photoshoot with Giancarlo Esposito, my friend also one with Stanislav Janewski, which was the last item of the day. However, he came back to his table to sign the pictures of the photoshoot.

Finally, we watched the departure of the DeLorean - of which Giancarlo Esposito also took some pictures - and the one of the Batmobile from the 1960s show. Then we drove home.

We both had a beautiful day. The Dutch Comic Con was great fun, not least because of the many cosplayers. If the right guests will come, we will surely be there next year again.

Finally, some more photos: