On November 9th 2013 I spent a day - okay, a couple of hours - at the Weekend of Horrors. I have to admit, I'm not really a horror fan, although I do like certain shows, movies and books from this genre. However, there were two reasons for me to visit that con: Tony Amendola ( I am a great Once Upon a Time fan and love him in many of his other roles, too)) and Jason Dark (I own a huge John Sinclair collection). So, when they both were announced it was pretty clear I had to  be there, too.

It was my first time at the Weekend of Horrors, and also the first time I've been in Oberhausen. However, the location - the Turbinenhalle - was easy to find. I arrived quite early and so I had to wait outside until it was opened. After I finally got in, I bought my ticket an explored the area. The event took place in three contiguous rooms. Although the area was not that large, the individual rooms were very entangled. There was the merchandise section, where mostly DVDs and blu rays of horror movies, splatter movis and that kind of stuff were offered, but also t-shirts, action figures .... In the other rooms there was an area where the actors sat at their tables. witing to fulfil autograph wishes. And there were a lot of exhibitors and fan groups.

Unfortunately the Q&A stage was next to the rather noisy autograph area, seperated only by a fabric.

I then decided to get my my autographs. My buddy Mark asked me to bring him autographs frpm Costas Mandylor and Eugene Clarke and so I went to Costas Mandylor first. Afterwards I fetched the autograph of Eugene Clarke, who was over the moon, when he saw the template Mark has designed. It was to TekWar and Eugene insisted to take a photo of me with the autographed picture. (You can see the autograph on Mark's autopgraph homepage)

Now it was time for my personal highligt, I went to Tony Amedola's table.He was very moved by the picture and asked if I made it myself. When I said yes, he showed the picture to Parker Stevenson, who sat next to him. Both of them really liked it and Parker Stevenson asked me if I was an artist. I answered no, I'm just a fan doing some fan art. However, judging me by my work, they insisted that I must be an artist. I became a little embarrassed and told them so, but they insisted, that I did not need to be modest about this, on the contrary I should be proud. And next time if anybody asks me whether I am an artist, I should answer with "yes". I have to say, this really made my day.

After I got my autograph, I asked if I could make a photo and he agreed and posed with his helper:

Last remaining topic on my list was the autogrph of jason Dark, but he still wasn't there yet. So I made another round and came back to his table about an hour later - but still no Jason Dark. So I went to the information and asked about him - and got informed that he wouldn't be there until the evening ... Great! If that would be communicated before, I would not have been there that early. So, because there wasn't anything interesting for me to see or do at the con for the next 5 hours I decided to roego the autograph and went home ...