Besides guests from other fields the following actors were present:

Gates McFadden - Jordan Hembrough - Tyler Mane - Dana Ashbrook - Ellie Kendrick - Ian McElhinney - Peter Davison - Dan Starkey - Chris Rankin - Laurence R. Harvey - Ladislav Beran

A friend, with whom I go to conventions a lot, told me about the Antwerp Convention only two weeks before it was held. She had seen a flyer at the HobbitCon and when she saw Peter Davison would attend the con, she suspected quite correctly that I would like to go there, too. However, it was a little stressful to me, 'cause I only had two weeks to design my autograph templates and get them printed, but fortunately everything worked fine.

We started early and arrived at about 9.40 am at the Antwerp Expo. There were two different entrances, one for those who already had their tickets and one for those who still had to buy them (like us). And of course we chose the wrong queue first ;)

After we bought our tickets (14 euros each) we explored the area. However, there was not much to explore: One large hall, which was actually filled to 90% with merchant stalls, on one side were the comic artists present, on the other sat the actors who were waiting to fulfil our autograph wishes. So we checked all the merchandise stuff first, but because of the prices we bought almost nothing (just before we left, my friend bought a Batman backpack).

Then we started to get our autographs, and I began with Dan Starkey.

Dan is a very friendly and relaxed guy but speaks very quickly, so I had to try hard to understand everything he was saying.

Right to Dan Tyler Mane was sitting, so it was prettey clear whose autograph we were going to fetch next ;)

However, when we got there, Tyler left - he had to go to the bathroom. Cause I already paid the 25 euros for the autograph I had no choicse but to wait for his return. After a short while he came back, we shook hands and he apologized for his absence. We chatted a bit, then he signed my picture. He seemed to like it, at least he said: "That's good!"

Next, we went to Gates McFadden. When she saw my picture (I made a template to TNG), she said, I should have brought more of them. I was her first time at the Antwerp Convention and she didn't know that she was expected to bring her own picturers with her. Therefore there were no pictures of Beverly Crushjer on her table, just some prints of a portrait picture that was shot earlier the day. She signed with her real name and also her role name ("Dr. Crusher") ... and so I was really disappointed when I came home and realized that the silver pen she usw hadn’t dried fast and there was more of the signature in the shell than on the picture ... Now I just hope to see her at some other convention some time and then I will make sure she uses a black pen!

My friend now fetched her autograph from Chris rankin who turned out to be a great Atlantis-Fan, just like she is and who was also very annoyd by the cancellation of the show.

Now we took a little break and ate a bit.

At 12 o'clock the cosplayer's group photo was shot on the main stage:

Now we had to find the room where the Q&As were going to happen. It was a room one floor up with space for about 100 to 150 people. As we walked in, the "Game of Thrones" panel still took place, but there were chairs and so we used the opportunity to finally sit.

The first panel that we were interested in was the one of Gates McFadden:

Next the double panel with Peter Davison and Dan Starkey took place. Before it started they got t-shirts by the "Belgian Whovians":

Before Tyler Mane's panel began, the number of attendees decreased significantly, which I thought was a pity. Not only because I think it was not nice for Tyler to have only such a small audience, but also because his panel was very entertaining and interesting.

Then we got us our autographs from Peter Davison.

I got  two, one for myself, and one as a birthday gift for a dear friend (he even wrote "Happy Birthday" on that one).

Before we went home,we dicovered another hall with merchandise stalls and took a deeper look first.