Like I did last year, I went to MOVIE DAYS again for one day only (Saturday), which took place at the Dortmund Westphalian's halls. Even though most representatives of the dramatic arts present, were not really interresting to me, there were, nevertheless, Brian Krause (Leo Wyatt from Charmed) and Julian Glover (The Empire Strikes Back, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and most interesting to me: Doctor Who – City of Death) - reason enough for me to come.

In contrast to last year's event the visitor's crush kept to a certain level and it remained a  modest sized event, something I experienced as quite pleasant (probably in contrast to the organizers, which surely had hoped for many more visitors)

Also, they obviously had learned from last year's mistakes, the organization of this year's MOVIE DAYS was top.

After I got myself an overview, the first autograph I got was of Julian Glover (25 euros). I had created a motive for the Doctor Who episode "City of Death" and when he saw it, he said to his assistant, she (wrongly) told him that no one would know about that in Germany (he did bring two DW-motives himself, just in case, one of "City of Death", one from "The Crusade"). I explained to him that there is quite a large DW fandom in Germany and after some small talk I tried to get my autograph of Brian Krause – however, he was not yet present (that made me slightly nervous, after all, he was the main attraction for me) and so I explored once again the rest of the site.

There were quite a lot of merchandising stands, and also some groups of fans were represented (The German Garrison, the Krayt Riders, BonnAir, the Police team, Chips Highway Patrol and Khemorex Klinzai).

To my great relief Brian Krause finally arrived and I went to get my desired autograph (30 euros) and was able to take two keepsake pictures (one of Brian, signing, one with him and the autograph).

Now I had some spare time, because the next highlight on the agenda for me was the photoshoot with Julian Glover at 12.25 pm.

And at this point I'd like to express a huge compliment: The photographers present really did a great job, they took really individual photos, all of which were beautiful. And after a relative short waiting period (15 – 30 min) you got your photos as high-quality prints in 20x30cm and there were also free covers for the transport.

Now it was time for the Q&As of Julian (together with Josef Altin) and Brian. Sadly these were a little disappointing to me. However, it was not the organizer's fault (they were surprised themselves), but the audiecence's: Hardly no one was willing to ask a question ...

Finally I asked Julian, if he could tell us a bit about working with William Hartnell and Tom Baker. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to fully hear his answer (due to the relatively high noise level of the surrounding area, unfortunately the Q&As took not place in a really separated area) but he remembered that Tom Baker is a very nice person and that it was something special to take part in Doctor Who. About his role in the second Star Wars movie, he told us, among other things, that he needed 16 takes, because he was just unable to memoize his "difficult" text: "Target the main generator!". For him, anyway, nothing beats the original Star Wars trilogy. One reason for this is, that, at the time they were released, they showed SFX totally unknown and never seen before, which was a reason to watch them.Today, on the other hand, it is posible to show just anything using CGI. Furthermore Star Wars is simply nothing without Harrison Ford's Han Solo, Mark Hamill's Luke Skywalker and Carrie Fisher's Princess Leia. And last but not least the value of philosophy in the original films simply is not present in the new parts. He also noted, that he unfortunately had never been cast in any sequels yet, as the villains he portrayed never survived.

Immediately afterwards came the Q & A with Brian Krause.

When asked about his best experience during the filming of Charmed he could not decide on one, 8 years  were a long time after all. When asked about the rumored sequel to Charmed he knew to report that there were plans for a spin-off, but the script was rejected. But he could certainly imagine that there might be a movie (would be very happy). Also his role in “Return to the Blue Lagoon” was a subject: He said, he would love to work with Milla Jovovich again today, who was only 14 years old when they made the movie ;) . He also mentioned some of his upcoming projects, he will soon be seen in the horror thrillers “Haunted Maze”, “House of Purgatory” and “Within the Dark”, but also in the 50s drama “The Studio Club”. Even though a half an hour timeslot was allotted to the Q&A, in the absence of questioners, unfortunately it already was over after about 15 minutes.

Then I had one more photoshoot with Brian (again a wonderful picture) and after I got my picture I went home.