Guest Stars
John Barrowman – Claudia Black – Eve Myles – Casper van Dien - J.G. Hertzler – Robert O’Reilly – Matt Frewer – Jasika Nicole – Robert Beltran – Mark Allen Shepherd – Dina Meyer – Patrick Muldoon – Tracee Cocco – Linda Park – Ethan Phillips – Anthony Montgomery – Ben Browder – Colin Ferguson – Gigi Edgley – Andrea Thompson – Patti Yasutake - Garrett Wang (MoC)

Authors, Experts, Speakers and Special Guests
Dr. Hubert Zitt – Dr. Mona Abdel-Hamid – Steffi Esser – Nessi – Andrea Bottlinger – Christian Humberg – Rainer Kresken – Rebekah Isaacs – Bettina Wurche – Robert Vogel – David Messina – Sarah Pichelli – Tobias Richter – Mathias Klimt – Martin Frei – Thorsten Weiss – Jdee Lammich – Brass Knuckle

Day 1

Gigi Edgley

Chiana from "Farscape"

Sigh ... such a lovely person!
I am a great Farscape-Fan and Chiana is one of my favourite characters of the show, so it is pretty clear, that she was one of the star guests I had been looking forward most.
She had to answer a lot of questions about Farscape, naturally, but also about her new series Rescue: Special Ops. Like most (or even all?) Farscape-Fans she wishes that there will be a Farscape movie (Oh, I hope this dream will come true). She also told us, that the special way, Chiana moves in Farscape, was her own idea and that she is working on her own comic book.
Gigi is really a nice person, very natural and charming. I would love to see her at another con again - and take a photo with her, an opportunity I missed this time, because of some scheduling overlaps.
Her panel was the first of the con - and it really was a good beginning!

Ethan Phillips

Neelix from "Star Trek - Voyager"

He did his panel together with Garrettt Wang and it was very entertaining. They remembered some anecdotes from their time at VOY, but Ethan also talked about some of his other projects. And he wondered how it was possible that everybody at the con is so good in speaking English, which really fascinated him.

Patti Yasutake

Nurse Alyssa Ogawa from "Star Trek - The Next Generation"

Patti Yasutake, who'd played Nurse Alyssa Ogawa in Star Trek - TNG, was announced on very short notice to replace Tricia Helfer (who herself was meant to be a replacement for Katee Sackhoff). Unfortunately, I didn't know that she would come before she entered the stage, so I was unable to prepare an autograph template. Nevertheless, her panel was very entertaining and she turned out to be an interesting person. I would like to see her at a future FedCon or another con again.

Matt Frewer

Jim Taggert from EUReKa ... Max Headroom and Edison carter from "Max Headroom" ... Berlinghoff Rasmussen from "Star Trek - The Next Generation" ... Howard Raymer from "Eerie, Indiana" ...

It was the first time Matt Frewer came to FedCon - and I truly hope he'll come again. He is a very charismatic person and like many of his roles, he seems to be a humorous character but he could also be honest. His panels (he did a second one together with Colin Ferguson) were both funny and informative. He told us that he owns a farm with a large number of hazelnut trees - and that he is looking for his nuts every morning...

Opening Ceremony

At the beginning the cancellations of Tricia Helfer and Roxann Dawson were announced and a video message from Roxann was shown, in which she explained why she couldn't come: Her father was in hospital. (I think everyone understood that). She also promised to come next year.

After some unfortunately inevitable commercials from sponsors and a laser show, the authors, experts, speakers and special guests came on the stage.

And then came the actors - and this was the moment everyone realized, this con would be different ... J.G. Hertzler and Robert O'Reilley entered the stage in their Klingon outfit, Robert wearing an original Bavarian Lederhose and they performed the Klingon version of a Schuhplattler. Anthony Montgomery used the greeting by Garrettt Wang to introduce his new comic project Miles Away. He did it in German (he had written down what he wanted to say) but had big difficulties with the pronunciation of the words and needed therefore rather longer as planned ... to long for the Klingons, who brought some chairs on the stage, cause they wouldn't stand so long ;D. The Starship Troopers also used the opportunity to deliver a gag and brought a huge piece of paper from backstage, pretending they had prepared a little speech, too. Next on were Ben Browder, Claudia Black (with now blond hair) and Gigi Edgley. And last but not least - John Barrowman and Eve Myles - they danced onto the stage and John zipped open his jeans, pulled a little Fergal out of it and threw it into the audience.

Robert Beltran

Commander Chakotay from "Star Trek: Voyager"

He was in a good mood and showed his special kind of humour, which unfortunately wasn’t understood by the main part of the audience. He was asked about VOY, of course but also had the opportunity to talk about his actual projects and his new life as a husband and father. He asked Ethan Phillips to do the panel with him and together they were irresistible. One of my personal highlights was, when Garrettt entered the stage, imitated Janeway’s voice and made a declaration of love to Robert

Unfortunately I wasn't able to make any photos, because my cameras battery was empty...

Straship Troopers Screening

I missed it!

I'm a great fan of the movie, indeed it's one of my all-time fav ones, and I re-watched it just a week before FedCon, but I don't like it when someone is speaking while I'm watching a movie ... so I decided not to go to the screening. A decision, I now bitterly regret, after I heard what happened...

Day 2

I began the second day of the con hearing a lecture by Dr Hubert Zitt with the topic "How Star Trek changed the world". It was quite interesting and I surely will go to more of Dr Zitt's lectures at future cons.

Colin Ferguson

Sheriff Jack Carter from "EUReKA"

I'm a great EUReKA-fan and Sheriff Jack Carter is one of my favourite characters of the show, so it's no wonder I was looking forward to see Colin Ferguson life on stage. And I was not disappointed, on the contrary! He is in reality very much like Jack Carter, to quote him:" I'm better with my body than with my brain!". He told us that he is still befriended with some of his colleagues from EUReKA, especially with Jordan Hinson (who played his daughter) and Nial Matter (aka Zane Donovan). He also told us that he was delighted, that he had not to talk technobabble like most of the other actors. Late but not least I was pleased to hear, that my favourite episode Up in the Air is one of his fav ones, too.

Anthony Montgomery

Ensign Travis Mayweather from "Star Trek: Enterprise"

His comic project Miles Away was also a big part of his panel. He talked about his plans, to bring it even to the big screen. However, he also answered questions about ENT and his singing career. His panel was very entertaining and I have to say, he is a very sympathetic person. There were two very funny moments: At the beginning of this panel, Colin Ferguson came back on stage to wipe up some water he'd spilled accidently by kicking a bottle of water during his own panel. And when Anthony’s time was over, J.G. Hertler and Robert O'Reilley, who were on next, came and sung a rap song to make him leave the stage.

J.G. Hertzler & Robert O'Reilley

General Martok and Chancellor Gowron from "Star Tek - The Next Generation" and "Star Trek - Deep Space Nine"

Well, I’m not sure - was it a panel or was it a stand-up comedy show? However, it was great fun. The two together are just awesome. They improved bath'let fighting using the letters of the decoration, showed (of course) their Chicken Joe gag, talked a lot of rubbish ... oh, and answered one or two questions from the audience. If you ask me, they should be invited to FedCon on a yearly basis!

Claudia Black

Aeryn Sun from "Farscape" and Vala Mal Doran from "Stargate - SG1"

A great woman with a strong personality and a good portion of humour. When Ben Browder appeared on the balcony and yelled out, she promised to get revenge later.

She told us, she and Ben Browder are also befriended in real life and their families often meet to barbecue and things like that.

Of course, Farscape and SG-1 were the main topics of her panel.

She called Farscape a very ambitioned show, every time somebody said something would be impossible to do, Brian Henson's reply was "why?" and then they found a way to do it anyway. Acting together with the puppets lets one forget that they were not alive and therefor it was strange for her to see them "lifeless" between the takes.

She also told us an anecdote about her starring together with Ben Browder in SG-1 again. When she got the role she called Ben, who was playing Col. Mitchell and he answered jokingly: " Let me alone! Can't you work without me?"

Claudia does a lot of voice work now, something she really likes, because she doesn't have to spend much time in the make-up department for that.

Ben Browder

John Crichton from "Farscape" and Colonel Cameron Mitchell from "Stargate - SG1"

To say he was in a good mood would be an understatement ... this guy was crazy and his panel just gorgeous!!!He began with telling us, that he'd gotten the room next to John Barrowman's and that, because of the strange noises he heard from there, he hadn't slept very well. (In fact, Ben's allusions became a running gag of the BarrowCon , oops, I meant the FedCon.) Later he spilled half of his water bottle on the stage so that JB couldn't creep up on him and Claudia came out to tell him off. She used her impressive parenting skills by kneeling down to get on eye level with him, told him, if she had to come out again, she would take away the bottle and if he was still being silly, she would take him backstage, so he could have a few minutes to think about it. And Ben reacted like a child listening to a telling-off by his mother ... just to proceed to redecorate the stage (making DEFCON out of FEDCON) a few minutes later.Ben also told us an anecdote about his son telling everyone at school his dad was an astronaut when he was little and they actually had Ben come in because they thought his son was telling lies. Well, Ben put it straight: he was an astronaut even if it was only on tv!And, of course, he also answered a lot of questions about his roles in Farscape, SG-1 and Doctor Who. By the way, Ben owns a TARDIS signed by Russell T. Davies!

John Barrowman

Captain Jack Harkness from "Doctor Who" and "Torchwood"

JB was also someone I was looking forward to very much.

He is so full of energy and a really good entertainer. While answering the questions from the audience he was sometimes honest and the next moment he acted outright silly - it was really fascinating to watch this. He talked also about being gay and that there is no difference between loving a man or a woman.

He told us a funny anecdote about filming the episode Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang as well: When they shot the scene where Captain Jack and Captain John (James Marsters) kiss, directly afterwards James Marsters did run straight to his girlfriend and kissed her, too - as compensation. John whispered to the director and asked him to repeat the scene six times. And every time after John and James kissing each other, James did run to his girlfriend to kiss her and nearly got crazy.

And he answered the question about the noises, Ben Browder heard: It was John and Eve dancing naked through the room, what he called an appropriate remedy for depressions.

Day 3

First point on my schedule this day was a meet&greet with John Barrowman. When it was announced, I booked it immediately, giving not a single thought to the costs. And it was awesome. We were only about 25 fans and JB was great. If I could get the chance to do another m&g with him, I'd do it in a flash, no question!

On this Saturday I spent several hours to get my autographs. Luckily I had a Gold Ticket, so I was among the first to be let in. Standing in queues waiting for autographs might sound boring, but it isn't. Queuing during a convention is always a great opportunity to chat with other fans and to make new contacts.

Linda Park & Anthony Montgomery

Hoshi Sato & Ensign Travis Mayweather from "Star Trek: Enterprise"

I missed Linda's solo panel, so I took the opportunity to see her together with Anthony on stage. I got the impression, Linda is more of a calmed and restrained person, maybe it was because of Anthony's superb entertainment qualities. However, she also showed good humour: When Anthony was asked about the logic of ENT, his answer was: "It wasn't real!".Later someone marked that Linda's role must have been the most difficult, because she had to manage all these languages, whereas her colleagues only had to press some buttons. Anthony contradicted, remarking, that if he would have pressed just one false button, it would have been the death of them all. So Linda went close to him and said: "It wasn’t real!" with a great expression on her face. ;DThey alslos sung the theme from ENT, after a fan showed them the text on his tablet computer.

Costume Contest

All costumes and show acts were really terrific ... however, the big surprise was the jury break, when a FedCon musical was performed.

Ben Browder & Claudia Black

John Crichton from "Farscape" and Colonel Cameron Mitchell from "Stargate - SG1"

Aeryn Sun from "Farscape" and Vala Mal Doran from "Stargate - SG1"

This panel began ... quite unusual, with Ben suddenly standing at one of the microphones making a big show. After a few minutes Claudia entered the stage together with Garrett, "complaining" that Ben didn't wait for her (she had to use the bathroom) ...I told you the two are befriended in real life, too. And it was really amazing to watch how close they are, they are in fact able to finish each other’s sentences and there is this special chemistry between them. Claudia shared also some of her personal knowledge about Ben: When he is looking to the ground while answering, he is lying (he looked down more than once ;) ).At the beginning of their panel Ben got a text message from his son and Claudia answered it, because Daddy was busy.And when the "last question" was announced, they simply carried on until everyone who was waiting in a queue at a microphone was able to ask his or her question!

Day 4

Casper van Dien & Dina Meyer & Patrick Muldoon

Johnny Rico & Dizzy Flores & Zander Barcalow from "Starship Troopers"

Trio Infernale ...The "Troopers"-panel was another highlight of this spectacular con. Casper, Dina and Patrick were very funny. They talked about making the movie; especially the scene in the shower room was a topic and their personal memories and anecdotes. They kind of swapped roles, when they suddenly started to interview a guy from the audience instead, asking him at what age he watched Starship Troopers for the first time (he was 14) and made a lot of fun of him ("so, you were 14 when you saw us naked ... how was it for you? What did you do? And how often?". When a lot of questions were for Casper, Dina and Patrick pretended to go to their room for a while...It was great fun and I truly hope, the Troopers will come again. If it was up to me, I would invite them every year!

Colin Ferguson & Matt Frewer

Sheriff Jack Carter from "EUReKA"

Jim Taggert from EUReKa , Max Headroom and Edison carter from "Max Headroom", Berlinghoff Rasmussen from "Star Trek - The Next Generation", Howard Raymer from "Eerie, Indiana"

The Troopers overrun their time, so I was late for this panel. However, the part I managed to catch, was interesting and funny.

Eve Myles & John Barrowman

Gwen Cooper and Captain Jack Harkness from "Doctor Who" and "Torchwood"

When Colin and Matt left the stage, Colin took their chairs with them off stage, but a few moments later he brought them back: "John Barrowman wants to sit." (After these 4 days it was understandable ;D). Then Eve and John came out, dancing to the music that introduced them. Naturally they answered a lot of questions about Torchwood, but also about their charity projects, which are very important to them. However, they also had a lot of fun on stage, singing together and being outright silly. Eve made faces when John was answering some questions, which made everybody laugh and John was so confused – that prompted even more laughter. When John performed the song "From a Distance" at the end of their panel, Eve acted out the lyrics of the song - and everybody was hanging from the chairs laughing like crazy!

Closing Ceremony

After a charity auction, another laser show and the presentation of the winner of the audience contests, the FedCon musical was performed again. Then the Star Guests came on stage - and the "feud" between JB and Ben Browder turned out to be not serious at all: Ben gave JB a big kiss on the mouth - an JB pretended to faint ... so Eve pretended to help him, sitting on him and give him first aid ...

My persoal summary

Four of the best days of my life!

At FedCon 22 there were not really differences between fans and stars. We all together had a good time, having fun and enjoying each other’s company.

And last but not least some words about Garrtett Wang as MoC: He did a fantastic job, I cannot imagine someone to replace him.