Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery

USA, 1995-1999

Kevin Sorbo

I fetched this autograph personally at the Comic Con Germany in Stuttgart on July 1st, 2017.

I really enjoyed ma few minutes with him at his autograph table. Although, my fiance made most of the speaking, taking the opportunity to speak with him after his Q&A earliear that day. In fact, after she met him pasonally, she got an autograph for her own the next day.

He had fun reading the intro of the show that I put on my template.

Meg Foster

I fetched this autograph personally at the Weekend of Hell in Oberhausen on November 5th, 2016.Meg is a really nice and lovable person, who took a lot of time for each fan. When she saw my template, she said "That's a beautiful picture" and she looked at it very carefully before she signed it. We chatted a bit and she even gave my a hug for good bye.

Bruce Campbell

I fetched this autograph personally at the Weelend of Hell in Dortmund on April 7th, 2018

I'm a huge fan and when he was announced for the convention, I was totally over the moon. There were two queues, one for the normal ticket owner and one for the one with the Diamond Pass. So I went to the Diamond Pass queue and as things did not go really fast I had a chance to talk to other people waiting in line. At some point we were asked by one of the helpers for our number, but since we had no numer, we had to get one. Apparently, the queue was processed according to the numbering system. However, the numbers were not written anywhere, nor did we have to show them to anyone. Ask me about the meaning ... Later, post-its were vetreilt with the name request for the dedication. Although I always have a name tag with me, it was not accepted this time. I had prepared two templates, one to #Hercules and one to #EvilDead. One autograph was included in my Diamond Pass, I wanted to buy the other one at the table. But that was not possible, I should either have also pre-ordered it or bought it at the info before would The latter was not possible anymore, as the autographs for Saturday were already sold out. Would have beeb very nice if ii had been communicated before. So my enthusiasm left a bit behind ... I then decided to have the #Hercules' template signed and when it was my turn, the manager (?) of #BruceCampbell took my template, asked me to follow him and gave the template to #BruceCampbell, who immediately began to sign it - with a silver pen! As I've already had some very bad experiences with silver pens, I usually pay attention to the actors signing my templates with other pens, but since things went so fast, this time I did not have a chance to say anything. After all, #BruceCampbell said goodbye with a handshake and that was it ... By the way, it was really one of THESE pens and I am not so sure how long the autograph will hold ...

Cynthia Rothrock

I fetched this autograph personally at the Filmbörse Oberhausen on April 29th, 2018.

Ekkehardt Belle

I fetched this autograph personally at the Weekend of Hell in Dortmund on November 3rd, 2018

My buddy Andreas Haupt had several versions of his self-designed autograph template and offered to get me on one of them also an autograph. Of course I could not resist that ;)