Science fiction

USA 2013 - 2015

Grant Bowler

I fetched this autograph personally at FedCon 24

He liked my pic and I expalained that I've chaosen this special snapshot from a season 1 episode because I rella liked this special thoughtful experession and he agreed.

Tony Curran

I fetched this autograph personally at the FedCon 23.

Tony is such a nice man. He talked to every fan, which came to get his autograph. And I mean real conversations, not just "hello" and "good bye".

And he also gave individual dedications:

When I came to him, he asked "How are you, man?" I replied: "Not as good as yesterday." and he asked me if I had drunk to much beer last night. I said "No" and he replied that he had. So I asked him, if he would regret it now and he said "Life's too short for regrets! You know what? I write that as your dedication!". After that we talked a little bit about Defiance's season two.

Rob Archer

I fetched this autograph personally at FedCon 24.

Rob is a really nice guy. In order not to pollute the image while signing he had placed a sheet of paper under his hand