Science fiction

USA 1993 -1998

Bruce Boxleitner

I fetched the autograph personally at FedCon 28 in Bonn at June 9th, 2019.
Bruce Boxleitner’s queue was also very long. It was even so long that he no longer wrote personal dedications. Nevertheless, he took the time to talk to me about my template. And Manu, who was greated by Bruce with: “Ah, there is my questioner!”, even got a hug from her childhood crush.. The encounter with him was something special for both of us (for Manu eben more the me) and we hope to meet him again at another convention, What also gave me great pleasure was that Bruce was referring to my T-shirt - I wore my "Prowd survivor of the Baroowman Con" shirt that day - and that he liked it and found it funny

Mira Furlan

I fetched the autograph personally at FedCon 28 in Bonn at June 9th, 2019.

The queue at Mira Furlan was quite long and I stood alone while Manuela rested a little. When it finally was my turn, I was thrilled with Mira Manu wanted me to greet Mira from herand Mira even remembered Manu and the question she had asked Bruce Boxleitner a few hours earlier in the panel. She also liked my template very much.

Walter Koenig

I fetched this autograph personally at FedCon 25 on May 15th, 2016. Mr. Koenig asked for the reason why I'm called Duckx and I explained to him that I am the world's greatest Donald Duck fan - and he made a Donald Duck voice :)

Jerry Doyle

I fetched this autograph personallly at FedCon 24

Andrea Thompson

I fetched this autograph peronally at the FedCon 22.

Andrea Thompson first asked how I was doing. Well, I told her the truth and said, that I was a little tired (I spent about tree and a half hours standing in line for autographs and it was the third day of the Con) - whereupon she apologized that I had to stand in line for her autograph so long!