I fetched these autographs personally at the FedCon 22.

The picture is from the FedCon 21 photoshoot, I just refined it a bit and printed it in Din A4. And I was lucky that make-up artist Stewart Lucas, who worked his magic to transform them into Klingons, also signed due to a lucky accident. I forgot to take this picture with me on Saturday and then decided to ask someone, whom I believed to be a FedCon Helper, if Mr. Hertzler and Mr. O'Reilley would sign the next day, too. However, the alleged helper turned out to be Stewart Lucas and we chatted a bit. On Sunday he wasn't there when I took my "Klingon autographs" and I asked a helper - a real helper this time - if he had come yet. The answer was "no" and I was a bit disappointed. However, when I looked in the room an hour or so later, I saw him. He remembered talking to me the day before and felt honored that I wanted his autograph. He had to borrow a pencil from J.G. Hertzler, but finally I got my third autograph on that picture.